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By the Media, Entertainment & Sport group of Bird & Bird

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Sports safety: should it be mandatory to report child protection & safeguarding concerns?

Child safeguarding reviews in sport have consistently shown that failures in reporting have had serious consequences. If concerns are not reported, and appropriate action not taken, the system is fundamentally undermined. In a recent article published on LawInSport, Richard Bush explores the approach of requiring mandatory child protection and safeguarding in sport.

Richard Bush’s article, available here, examines the approach of requiring mandatory reporting of child protection and safeguarding concerns in sport, and looks specifically at:

  • the pros and cons of mandatory reporting;
  • the main issue for sports governing bodies to consider, including
    • to which individuals should the proposed duty attach?
    • what behaviour should be subject of a duty to report?
    • which individuals should be protected by the proposed duty?
    • whose behaviour should be subject of a duty to report?
    • what level of knowledge of abuse would trigger the proposed reporting duty?

MediaWrites has also written previously on the challenges of player safeguarding, welfare, and education in esports – available here.


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