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By the Media, Entertainment & Sport group of Bird & Bird

| less than a minute read

How Brexit Affects Sports Broadcasting in the UK and Europe

The UK broadcasting industry has gone through a high degree of legal and regulatory change in recent years and the end of the UK’s transition period for leaving the EU has caused further upheaval to the landscape. We take a look at some of the major implications of Brexit on sports broadcasting and how sports media rights are acquired and sold

In their latest article for LawInSport, Craig Giles and Conor Hume look at the impact of Brexit on sports broadcasting. In particular, their article considers the influence of Brexit on:

  • satellite transmissions and the use of decoder devices in the UK;
  • the Portability Regulation;
  • the Roaming Regulation; and
  • a broadcaster’s licencing obligations.


broadcasting rights, europe, brexit, united kingdom, broadcasting, sport